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Woah. SEC, Lotto & WCG!

By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Sep 9, 2010 10:20

First, lemme offer you something to listen to while you read;

Wow, what a great feeling winning SEC - especially since we've felt like we've had trouble playing mTw lately.
We started out on dust2 and for the past weeks we've been trying to improve our CT-side on dust2. It is still a very hard side to play but I think that anyone can see that overall it's become better. We had a 10-1 lead, I think, with them taking the last four rounds making it 10-5 in our favour - a result we were very satisfied with switching to T-side. Anything is possible but one simply shouldn't lose a map like dust2 when you have such a lead from the CT-side, which has to be considered the harder side of the two.
Next up was train. We started out well winning the pistolround and first gunround but fumbled somehow and weren't happy with the end-result 7-8 at all. Our t-side on train has been strong on practice lately, so we didn't give up and felt quite confident that if we got our game going we could close it down. Losing the pistolround was a set-back of course, but we managed to get the bomb down on both the pistolround and the following eco which enabled us to buy on the third round which we won. After that, we only gave mTw one gunround making it 9-3 for the win.

As if the prizemoney from SEC wasn't sweet enough, when I got home on monday, our day off, I played @ and actually managed to win 350€ which definetily is not bad! I'm aiming for one of those insane dream-amounts in the millions though ;)

We started playing again on tuesday, as we've got WCG coming up soon. We were in pretty good shape at SEC but there are alot of things we would like to improve and it's these kind of things you notice best when you play matches. Whether you lose or win there's always something you can improve so that is what we will try to do up until WCG. And of course, we'll try to play as much as possible to be on top individually as well!

Thanks for reading, i'll post another blog before WCG so keep your eyes open.




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