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IdrA and Tasteless join EG

By - 'hydrolis' -
Sep 9, 2010 22:16

ImageEvil Geniuses welcome North-American StarCraft II icons: Greg 'IdrA' Fields and Nick 'Tasteless' Plott.

This past Tuesday US Team EG announced the acquisition of StarCraft 2 icons Gregory 'IdrA' Fields and Nick 'Tasteless' Plott. This bolsters up their StarCraft 2 presence with these players joining their current six-player SC2 roster (who were with the organization as SC:BW players).

Gregory 'IdrA' Fields is an extremely successful player having moved to Seoul, South Korea during his SC: BW days to compete against the best players in the world. He has also had numerous championship victories and top 3 finishes at WCG, ESWC and ESL events.

Nick 'Tasteless' Plott comes in as EG.SC2's Division Manager and also resides in Asia. He is a very famous SC2 broadcaster overseas having worked for GomTV and Blizzard.

Scott Smith, Managing Director of EG had the following to say about the pick-ups:

"When it comes to non-Korean Starcraft, there are no bigger names in competition and broadcasting than IdrA and Tasteless. Our goal is to have the world’s best Starcraft II team, and we’ve made a large step in pursuit of that goal today."

Visit the link below for information on the upcoming Evil Geniuses Master’s Cup Series StarCraft II event, featuring $3,000.00 in prize money, and the chance to compete against Gregory 'IdrA' Fields.




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