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compLexity remove Counter-Strike division

By 1 'SEBL1NGT0N' 2
Sep 2, 2010 03:00

ImageAmerican organisation compLexity have announced the removal of their Counter-Strike division.

For the second time this year, American organisation compLexity have announced the immediate removal of their Counter-Strike squad.

The team's removal comes after a certain coL player left his visa at home, which resulted in him missing his flight to Beijing, where he and his team were to be attending the FNATIC BEAT IT grand finals. After hearing that a member would not be in Beijing when expected, two other coL members opted to purposely miss their flight as well, something which the coL management did not tolerate.

Quote from the official compLexity news post:

"This type of incompetence and outright disrespect for a tournament organizer flies in the face of everything compLexity stands for and will not be tolerated."

This proved to be the final straw for the players, as further down the post managers went on to say how the players were one of the most difficult teams they have ever dealt with. They also revealed that there was chaos constantly surrounding them and that each member would always shift the blame onto a fellow team mate.

compLexity Gaming housed the following:
FR David 'Xp3' Garrido
US Derek 'dboorN' Boorn
US Andrew 'Irukandji' Timmerman
US Jeff 'hero' Mettetal
US Thomas 'thoMz' Garcia

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