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Cassandra blogs about Grubby's career

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Aug 25, 2010 11:44

ImageCassandra blogs about Grubby's career in an era where she describes him as the last international WC3 progamer in Europe and thinks of the better times in his past.

SG Cassandra has blogged in her latest entry on about her husband NL Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen's WarCraft III career and some of the difficulties he faces now soldiering on in that RTS game.

The blog takes on a wistful and mildly melancholy tone as Cassandra looks back across some of the happier and busier periods of the Dutch Orc player's time in the WarCraft III scene. She picks out such high moments as when he helped 4kings to four WC3L titles and his two WCG gold medals. She also comments on the difficulty for Grubby of finding good practice in Europe, one of the reasons he stayed behind for an extra week or so after e-Stars Seoul.

On the last WarCraft III progamer in Europe:

"Grubby is the only international Warcraft III progamer left in Europe. It gets lonely sometimes. Ok, let's forget about the loneliness for a minute.. the real question is... how do you practice and continue to keep up your shape when you have no one to practice with? Most of Grubby's friends are happily playing Starcraft II now, and I don't blame them, because Starcraft II is also a great game! :)"

Thinking of better days:

"Even though Grubby always get through the WCG qualifier easily every year, I can't help feeling sorry for him. I mean, I had seen how hard it is for him to keep working so hard, to stay on top.. so he can still compete in international tournaments with the top gamers half-way across the world. He probably miss those great Warcraft III days where Warcraft III was still popular in Europe... where he still get to practice against other great European progamers.. such as his 4Kings team-mates - Fury, Zeus, ToD and Creolophus"

The former Protoss player in StarCraft (known as PpG during her time competing) also gives her thoughts on the recent IEM V Gamescom event for StarCraft 2:

"I have been watching the Starcraft II tournament (IEM at GamesCom in Germany) on ESLtv these few days. I have to say I am so impressed with Day[9]'s shoutcasting, I have become a fan! Both shoutcasters were great actually, and they added so much spice and entertainment to the tournament viewers, on site and also online. I enjoyed myself immensely following the tournament, thumbs up to ESLtv, the organisers and also the great players as well. Congratulations to MorroW for winning the tournament of course, it wasn't an easy path."




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