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Tasteless: "[Jaedong] does not get nervous"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Aug 23, 2010 19:29

ImageTasteless gives his thoughts on how Jaedong continues to win titles, Flash's perfection of Terran play, Bisu's legacy in light of stork and how big the match fixing scandal was in South Korea.

I caught up with GOMtv's English language commentator Nick 'Tasteless' Plott for a video interview to find out his thoughts on some topics relevant to the current competitive StarCraft scene in South Korea, including TaekBangLeeSsang (Bisu, stork, Flash and Jaedong) and the impact of the match fixing scandal.

How is Jaedong able to continue winning titles and being as he currently sits at five will he be able to beat NaDa's record of six? Was the last MSL final Flash's moment of turning the corner on Jaedong's Bo5 dominance over him? What does he put Flash's infamous decisive map losses from 14ccing in leagues down to?

What is the significance of Tasteless' comment that "If stork didn't exist Bisu would be bigger"? Is stork's legacy tainted by his silver medals? How big of a deal was the match fixing scandal in South Korea and will it affect sAviOr's ability to get certain jobs? Why can't a player like NaDa ever return to the top again?



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