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Birthday boy Idra moves to final against Morrow

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Aug 21, 2010 20:17

ImageThe grand final of IEM Cologne comes will be TvZ as Idra takes on Morrow.

Today proved to be a happy birthday indeed for Gregory 'IdrA' Fields. Forgoing the cake and candle for zerglings and mutalisks, the American player powered his way to the grand final, beating Tomasz 'Tarson' BoroĊ„ by three maps to one.

The first couple of maps went back and forth between the two players but 1-1 was as close as Tarson would get to winning this game. On Xel'Naga Caverns in game three, Idra didn't give his Polish opponent the slightest of chances. Even though Tarson's thor-heavy build is considered a standard counter to Idra's mutalisks, the American kept pumping out the 'flying T-Rex's' and ended up with so many that the thor's simply couldn't keep up.

If game three was one-sided, game four was closer to total annihilation. Everything Tarson tried was shut down with apparent ease as Idra's two-base hydra kept the terran played locked in his base from the mid-game to the end. Now the zerg player must be feeling supremely confident heading into the final against yet another terran tomorrow. He has already shown in this tournament that he can deal with anything they can throw at him.

In the other semi-final, things were a bit closer. Going into the 5th map Carl Stefan 'MorroW' Andersson was all tied-up against Dmytro 'DIMAGA' Filipchuk. But the Swede was able to overcome the man Demuslim called 'the best player in Europe' at the crucial stage. An incredibly tense semi-all-in reaper push put Dimaga far, far behind. He held on temporarily with a handful of mutalisks but the zerg's fast expansion went down. The Ukrainian was able to do some peripheral damage to the terran base, but Morrow essentially ignored it, counter-attacking with an unstoppable mass of marines with ghost support. A handful of banelings tried their best to stop the pain but they took down only a couple of marines and Dimaga left the game with a 'gg.'

To see all the results, as well as the first and third place finals for tomorrow, be sure to check out our coverage page.



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