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FX press conference following e-Stars win

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Aug 17, 2010 02:49

ImageFull video of the press conference for Frag eXecutors following their e-Stars Seoul victory. TaZ, neo, Loord, kuben and pasha all take a turn to answer questions from the media.

Frag eXecutors beat WeMade FOX in the final of e-Stars Seoul and then attended the obligatory press conference for the media. TaZ was the main man on the microphone but as the questions continued, for just over 28 minutes, each member of the team eventually took a turn to answer.

Has anything changed within FX from GameGune to this event in terms of growth? What do they think of WeMade FOX? Were there any nerves after only getting 8 rounds on their CT side on train in the deciding map?

One journalist even attempts to get pasha, translated through TaZ, to answer whether or not this team is better with him in it that it was with LUq. TaZ does not seem impressed and fends it off despite the same question rephrased a couple of times. Likewise the team is hesitant to answer specifically about how Loord injured his hand.



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