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Bonn University to study FPS gamers

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Aug 15, 2010 15:09

ImageA professor at the Bonn University is conducting an experiment into FPS games and their effect on players.

In an interesting-looking press release, Dr Montag of Bonn University, Germany has laid out his plans for a psychological experiment about FPS gamers. "The effects of firstpersonshooter [sic] gaming on the processing of emotions are not well understood," he claims. He admits that many experiments have been carried out, but claims that ones in 'profound neuroscience techniques' are currently lacking.

In order to learn more about the topic, Dr Montag is looking for semi professional gamers to attend Bonn between August 24 and August 30. Participants should have a minimum of two years gaming experience and be free of psychological disorders such as depression or epilepsy. Participants will be paid €25 Euro and will also receive high resolution images of their own brain - part of the experiment will involve time in a brain scanner. The results will, of course, be confidential.

The experiment itself will be conducted via the use of emotional imagery and stimuli. The brain response of gamers will be compared with those of non-gamers in order to judge the difference.

For more detailed information, check out the PDF file.



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