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Match ticker staff needed

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Aug 10, 2010 03:54

ImageSK Gaming needs some new blood to help with our coverage of upcoming esports events, beginning with e-Stars Seoul, and is taking applications for the match ticker crew.

It's time for SK Gaming to bring in some new blood and the area of focus to replenish and expand is match ticker coverage. For the big games it's crucial to have scores up to date and in the system so the benefits of the Esports Index can be enjoyed by anyone wanting to follow a tournament along from home. They can then find out when a game will be played, their viewing options for it and the result of the match.

To ensure consistent coverage of event scores SK Gaming is looking to build a team of people who are hard-working, dedicated and able to donate their time to keeping the index up to date for their specific games.

The most immediate concern is e-Stars Seoul which will be played out from the 13th to the 15th of August within the KST (Korea Standard Time) timezone. So ideally we would have applications from potential match ticker staff who are available during that time. It may also be the case that we will take someone on who can only provide their time and attention for e-Stars Seoul, on a temporary basis of course.

Beyond that we will require dedicated staff for all upcoming events so if someone reading this is not available for e-Stars but will be on a regular basis beyond that their application is still welcomed.

Summary of what is seeking:

* Available on a regular basis with time to donate to following and updating the scores for one of the game the site covers (CS, SC2, QL)
* Passionate about Esports and will put in the effort to bring the best coverage to the community they can.
* Able to free up time at the relevant, though on occasion awkward, hours for tournaments held around the world.
* Can communicate well within a team to ensure that between the collective unit each game is fully covered to the best of everyone's abilities.
* Be available either for e-Stars Seoul (August 13th to 15th, Korean time - KST) or beyond that.

Summary of what successful applicants will receive:

* The chance to be a part of one of the most famous and influential gaming organizations in the history of Esports.
* The opportunity to help build up the coverage of SK Gaming and bring key information to hundreds of thousands of community members for the biggest events on the Esports calender.
* A system of rewards (from hardware such as mousepads on upwards) given out to hard-working and dedicated staff members during their tenure at SK Gaming in accordance with their effort and performance.

What to include in your application:

-Full name
-SK Gaming profile name.
-Location and local time zone.
-Amount of time available per week and rough time frames depending on days (be realistic)
-Which games you follow.
-Any experience you may have working in esports.
-Whether or not you will available during e-Stars.
-Your MSN address and/or Skype name

Applications to be sent to



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