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SK win first game, trounce

By 1 'SEBL1NGT0N' 2
Aug 5, 2010 17:05

ImageSK have won their first game against in the group stages of the WCG Nordic Qualifiers.

The first game of the WCG Nordic Qualifiers began under an hour ago, seeing the SK Gaming facing of against On the map of de_train, SK Gaming started on the CT favoured side, where they quickly took advantage, shutting down PlayZone no matter what they did. At the end of the half, the Finnish side could only manage to take a single round, leaving themselves a huge uphill task waiting the second half.

Once the restarts signalled the start of the second half, PZ jumped the first hurdle and took the all important pistol round, followed by an SK eco round. However, when SK's economy levelled out and they could afford more affective guns, they decided to go inside, where PZ struggled to hold the bomb site and lost the round. On match point, SK quickly ended the match by winning the next round, leaving an end score of 16-3 to SK Gaming.

To keep track of the WCG Nordic Qualifiers results, head over to our tournament section. You can also enjoy a live stream, with US Evil Geniuses ' tactician FI Tomi 'lurppis' Kovanen and SK Gaming Editor in Chief UK Duncan 'Thorin' Shields providing live commentary.

(Streaming Schedule)



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