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cyx dead in car accident

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jul 29, 2010 09:25

Imagemousesports player Antonio 'cyx' Daniloski has died in a tragic car accident after missing his flight to Shanghai, mouz replaced by I'm in Group B.

mousesports star Antonio 'cyx' Daniloski has died in a tragic car accident and thus his team will be replaced in group B of the IEM Global Challenge Shanghai. cyx missed his original flight and was involved in the accident on the way home from Frankfurt airport. mouz will be replaced by I'm from Mongolia.

A post on the mousesports website explained:

"Today we must say goodbye to our beloved friend and player, Antonio "cyx" Daniloski. Toni had a car accident on his way back from Frankfurt airport and died of the consequences.

Starting point was a missed flight from Frankfurt to Shanghai (China), which our entire Counter-Strike 1.6 team was suspected to take. Unfortunately, Antonio "[cyx]" Daniloski missed the flight and received another flight on Thursday morning.

On his way back from the airport, he had a car accident due to a tire failure and died of it's consequences.

Our thoughts at this difficult time for us go to Tonis family, relatives and friends. We mourn a friend and player who was always loved by everyone in our [mouz] team and the whole gaming community and because of his commitment and engagement he was one of the most important and famous personalities of all time in [mouz].

Our Counter-Strike 1.6 team is already on their way back to Germany and we've canceled our presence and Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Shanghai."

cyx was an immediate star upon joining up with the German giants in 2007 after a poor ESWC performance led to them bringing him in, along with gob b. Both would prove to be pivotal to the German team rising up into the elite again as gob b's strategical style soon defined the look of the team and cyx became their go-to player.

2008 saw the best year in mousesports' history as the team won the IEM finals title in March and won IEM III Dubai and placed second at WEM in October. 2009 saw a downturn as the team's best placings were a win at GameGune, a victory at the ESL SuperCup and a 3rd at ESWC Masters Cheonan. 2010 saw them once again in the mix to be considered the best in the world though as cyx and company stormed the playoffs of the IEM IV European Finals, beating Na`Vi (then called KerchNET), SK and fnatic en route to the title with new player roman.

At the IEM IV World Championship another nail-biting series with Na`Vi, decided by the smallest margin possible, saw the team eliminated in 5th-6th. With other teams (mTw, H2k, SK) on the rise in the following months mouz seemed to be out of the contention picture again but only a couple of weeks ago they managed to finish 2nd at GameGune, again facing the Ukrainians of Na`Vi.

During cyx's tenure mouz won 5 out of 6 EPS Germany titles, including five in a row.

cyx was one of the best all around players amongst the elite sides. Skilled with all of the weapons, truly a rarity in the best teams, he could be seen locking down a bombsite with an AWP (as he was known to do at B on inferno) or helping retake with a rifle. His deagle frags alone got mouz back into so many big games over the years.

His versatility allowed mouz to play him alone in smaller sites, such as on inferno and dust2, rotating four into the other and in games in which mouz were losing he was often their best performing player, trying to keep them in it with his numbers.

Fans of Counter-Strike have lost one of the most entertaining players to spectate and mouz have lost one of the best German players of all time as well as one of the best personalities in their team. The team had been on an extended tournament run which saw them playing ESWC, Arbalet Cup Dallas, GameGune and planning to play IEM Shanghai all in the space of around a month and a half.

SK Gaming manager merusame had this to say:

"This is an extremely sad day for everyone. We from SK Gaming want to express our condolences to Tonis family, friends, relatives, his home mousesports and his fans. Having you as a player in the e-sport scene was something special, both as a extremely skilled player and also as one of the friendliest players we have ever met."


Source: mousesports
(Photographs copyright of fragbite)



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