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WC3 will get at least one more patch

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Jul 28, 2010 20:11

ImageRob McNaughton from Blizzard spoke briefly about an upcoming WC3 balance patch.

Gamers Global, a German website recently conducted a (very) informal interview with Blizzard's Lead Technical Artist, Rob McNaughton. After three bizarre minutes of talking about computer specs, the interview naturally moved onto Starcraft II.

The interviewer complimented Blizzard on their lengthy support of games, citing the recent patch to the original Starcraft. But the juicy information for WC3 fans was McNaughton's response that they started work on a patch for that game as well. He originally said that they would support their games forever, before backtracking to a more reasonable length of time: "as long as people play it."

Sadly, the interview moved onto some speed drawing, leaving WC3 players with no tangible information. There was no ETA, no details and fans are left to speculate about exactly what needs balancing. However, after years of DoTA patches and hack-fixes, any patch news is good patch news. The only real information given was that this will be a "balance patch" whenever it sees the light of day. You can watch the whole interview at either of the source links below.

Source: Gamers Global (German) via Gosu Gamers



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