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Burning! beat Na`Vi again

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jul 18, 2010 00:55

ImageBurning! improved to 2 and 0 against Na`Vi over the last month with a win on dust2 in the second group stage.

Burning have repeated the feat they accomplished in the second group stage at ESWC by beating Natus Vincere , this time though the margin was much wider. The Ukranians were favourites to win the dust2 match and book themselves a spot in the bracket play but the French side came to play and put a hutting on Na`Vi.

Natus Vincere 13:17 Burning (dust2 4:11, 9:6)

The score was an astonishing 7:2 for Burning! before Na`Vi even knew what had hit them and suddenly the Ukrainians were going to finish the half in a sticky situation regardless. markeloff getting his hands on an AWP managed to make it 9:3 to the French side but only one of the new three went to Na`Vi after that. On the 14th Zeus got the perfect pop flash provided for him by a team-mate at catwalk and killed the two boosted Burning! players there. Two kills from ceh9, his first of the half, help give Na`Vi their 4th round.

The second half saw Na`Vi narrowly lose the pistol round in a close range battle at the B doors which Burning! came out on top of. With the score at 14:4 after the ecos a back and forth round at long A went Na`Vi's way as starix won a 1v1 against a French player running through smoke to pick up the bomb. Na`Vi mounted a little run as the next round two kills from zeus and two from markeloff kept the glimmer of hope alive. The 21st round was to be Na`Vi's last round win as after that Burning! took the 22nd round with ease.

On the last round Zeus and starix were 2v3 and Zeus got a great flank to kill two, including the bomb carrier. Bizarrely he peeked the last who was outside of B, despite having the bomb down on the steps to the platform. After then pulling back he allowed the French player to pick up the bomb and when he peeked out a couple of seconds later was killed. Burning! won the match hitting 16 rounds at a score of 16:7.

(Photograph copyright of eseanews)



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