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Madfrog wins Blizzard's WWI

By Carsten 'Storch'
Jan 19, 2004 12:14

DAY FOUR The final day of the Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational is now over. Our undead swedish player did not lose a single game till the final where he'll stay unbeaten. Fredrik goes home with $25 000 ! Championship Final Fredrik "MaD)Q(FroG" Johansson [3:0] Jonathan "duckie" Tan Wei Zhong And this was how they got there: Group Winners' Final (winner in Grand Final) Lu "TrustMyself" Aodan 0:1 Fredrik "MaD)Q(FroG" Johansson Group Seconds' Playoff (Loser finishes 4th) Jonathan "duckie" Tan Wei Zhong 1:0 SeoWoo "ReiGn" Kang Second Finalist Playoff (winner in Grand Final, Loser 3rd) Lu "TrustMyself" Aodan 0:1 Jonathan "duckie" Tan Wei Zhong There was also one exhibition game between the two supposedly strongest Orc players of the world, which the Korean star was able to win against the cXg winner from the Netherlands: Exhibition match (Orc vs. Orc) DayFly[Frienz] 1:0 Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen

The third day of the Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational is now over and we now know all the qualified players for the play-off.
Group B
SeoWoo "ReiGn" Kang 2:0 Huy Duck "Soul.JaH" Pham
Zhu "HaMasAki" Hui 0:2 Fredrik "MaD)Q(FroG" Johansson
Winners' match
SeoWoo "ReiGn" Kang 0:1 Fredrik "MaD)Q(FroG" Johansson
Losers' match
Huy Duck "Soul.JaH" Pham 0:1 Zhu "HaMasAki" Hui
Rank #2 decider
SeoWoo "ReiGn" Kang 1:0 Zhu "HaMasAki" Hui
#NameGamesMatchesMaps1. Fredrik "MaD)Q(FroG" Johansson22:03:02. SeoWoo "ReiGn" Kang32:13:13. Zhu "HaMasAki" Hui31:21:34. Huy Duck "Soul.JaH" Pham20:20:3
Play-Off (January 18)
For a spot in final
Lu "TrustMyself" Aodan vs. Fredrik "MaD)Q(FroG" Johansson
For a spot in "semi-final"
Jonathan "duckie" Tan Wei Zhong vs. SeoWoo "ReiGn" Kang
After the rather surprising results in group A, in this group, with MaDFroG and ReiGn, the best known players advanced to the playoffs this time. From now on, all games except the grand final (best-of-five) will be single-map matches. The winner of FroG vs. TrusMyself will already be in that grand final, the second finalist will be determined between the loser of that game and the winner of ReiGn and Duckie.
Thanks again to WC3Addicts for the results.
The second day of the Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational is about to begin. 8 players out of 16 are left in the tournament, and the next matchups have been determined. The first games will be best-of-three, this time, after that best-of-one again.
In each group, the two winners of game one will play each other, as will the two losers.
The winner of the winners' game will be #1 of the group, the loser of the winners' game and the winner of the losers' game will play each other again to determine the #2 of the group.
Group A
Jae Park "EvenStar" Lee 0:2 Lu "TrustMyself" Aodan
Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen 1:2 Jonathan "duckie" Tan Wei Zhong
Winners' match
Lu "TrustMyself" Aodan 1:0 Jonathan "duckie" Tan Wei Zhong
Losers' match
Jae Park "EvenStar" Lee 0:1 Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen
Rank #2 decider
Jonathan "duckie" Tan Wei Zhong 1:0 Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen



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