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MODDII stands-in, Gux to rejoin fnatic

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jul 14, 2010 14:53

ImageSK will be taking ex-MYM star MODDII as a stand-in for Arbalet Cup Dallas, in the place of Gux. Gux is instead set to rejoin fnatic in the near future.

Andreas 'moddii' Fridh will be standing in for SK Gaming , in the place of Rasmus 'GuX' Ståhl, for Arbalet Cup Dallas this weekend. MODDII is best known for his time in MeetYourMakers swe and most recently placed 3rd with the team at DreamHack Summer.

In a move from completely out of the left field, and with morally ambiguous overtones, Gux is controversially set to rejoin Fnatic , the team he departed or was removed from in early January of 2010, soon.

SK Gaming's Arbalet Cup Dallas lineup:
SE Jimmy 'allen' Allen
SE Johan 'face' Klasson
SE Robert 'RobbaN' Dahlström
SE Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
SE Andreas 'moddii' Fridh (stand-in)

fnatic set to sign Gux after controversial dispute

Gux's potential return to fnatic came as a shock to SK Gaming as his plane ticket to Dallas to play for SK was already booked and he was understood to be on good terms with the SK Gaming organization and ready to perform in-game as he had done for other tournaments in 2010.

After his desire to return to fnatic was made clear it had been agreed that Gux would still attend Arbalet Cup Dallas to play for SK and then would discuss his future and the potential of rejoining his former team after the event. Instead the fnatic organization, spear-headed by Sam "zr0" Mathews, sought to place even more pressure on both SK Gaming and Gux's potential Arbalet Cup Dallas appearance.

Controversially during negotiations with the player and SK Gaming over his future the fnatic organization attempted to assist Gux in holding the SK organization ransom over the Dallas-based event, demanding all the rights granted in his direction by a potential contract and granting none to the SK Gaming organization in exchange.

SK Gaming's Alexander "TheSlaSH" T. Müller explained the situation in his own words along with how these proceedings will affect both, fnatic's and SK's position within the G7:

"When Rasmus signaled his wish to rejoin Fnatic, we agreed on him playing Arbalet and getting things done after that. I personally explained this to Sam Mathews as well and made clear that Rasmus joining Fnatic was just a matter of terms. However we would have to sort things internally first.

Unfortunately Sam Mathews and Fnatic seem to be so desperate that they pushed the whole thing further and the result makes no side a winner here to be honest. The relationship SK Gaming and Fnatic had in the past is overshadowed if not destroyed by this move. Fnatic offered Rasmus money to not play Arbalet with SK Gaming, an event Fnatic is not playing even.

SK and Fnatic can't be in an organization like the G7 Teams after such a move that is beyond anything I have ever experienced in 11 years of eSport history."



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