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SK EU shuts down, Sansibar picks up two

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Jul 12, 2010 13:19

ImageSK's European WoW teams are undergoing some huge lineup changes.

Today is a day of mixed feelings for SK as we say goodbye to one WoW team and welcome a new one. It was fairly common knowledge that both Alexis 'Enigmz' Martin and Patrick 'Inflame' Costales were not playing with Another on the tournament realm. Today we say our official farewell to the duo and wish them all the best in future.

Over the course of three tournaments the team finished 2nd and 3rd, with a disappointing end at IEM where they finished 9th. The Hannover tournament was an unfitting finale for such a talented team but outside influences affected the event more than the players would have liked.

While Inflame and Enigmz will move onto other teams, Valent 'another' Sebastijan is stepping out of the competitive scene for the time being. He told SK Gaming that me might return after Blizzcon but SK Europe will be put on hiatus until then.

When one team moves out of the limelight, another has to take its place and SK Sansibar takes on that role. The changes to the IEM European champions are equally as dramatic but more positive than the changes to the other team. Marvin 'Fraki' Moschner will lead a new lineup into action with Barb and Draintrain. This team qualified from the tournament realm as pretty strong contenders and perfectly fits the bill for an SK team.



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