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By alice 'ali' lew
Jul 8, 2010 13:00

3 peat CHAMPIONS!!!

It's just so surreal to me everything that has gone on in the last 4 years while being apart of SK. Our first year joining was 2006 and it was the first time we ever met Alex and the rest of the SK staff in Paris. They weren't even there to greet us on the first day of ESWC because Germany was in the semi finals or something for the FIFA world cup and they stayed home to watch the game. 4 years ago, we became apart of something that would change our lives forever.

ESWC 2006 was bad. We made it to the finals relatively with ease and straight kicked ourselves in the ass the final day. Steph and I had a dumb argument about something idiotic and it literally cost us the tournament. We have used that tournament as an example even til this day and vouched it would never happen again. Most of the time, we lose matches because we end up beating ourselves. It has been something we have tried to continually work on these last 4 years. We've gotten better at pinpointing the problem and doing our best to find a fix.

We really had something to prove to ourselves going to ESWC 2007. The previous year was a damn fluke and disappointment. We went in there so damn confident!! Steam rolled the entire tournament with ease and came out a winner.

ESWC 2008 was a little bit more of a challenge. I had a completely different roster and there was a little tension between the girls. Steph was gone to the French team since she was studying abroad and we picked up Lidy and Jso. There was so much bickering that went on in this team, it was known someone was quitting after this tournament, win or lose. That person happened to be Jane and til this day, I miss her dearly. She is one of my favorite female CS players of all time! We somehow pulled a win out of our asses for this tournament. HEHE. If you can recall, this was the afterparty where Jso and I got hella drunk and passed out in the streets of San Jose. Oh wait, that was just Jso. I got carried back to the hotel. FML. ^_^

So now we all current and back to ESWC 2010. We didn't know what to expect from this tournament since it had died over a year ago and come back with a vengence, promising a well run tournament with many participants and definite payout. During our first day at the venue to register, we were glad to see a lot of familiar faces, including Gregorio, who had been our main contact for ESWC all these years. He greeted us as champions right when we walked in the door and we couldn't help but be happy to feel the love we were receiving from the ESWC staff.

Upon going to the hotel, we meet up Steph and check out our cool ass 2 story room. Bedroom and bathroom on the 2nd floor, living room, small kitchen, and another small room with a bunk bed on the main floor. The fact that the entire team was able to stay together in one room was awesome to me. Team unity is super important during a tournament so this room was perfect for us. If only this hotel had air conditioner, we would have loved it. Paris was hot as hell during our stay (a million times worse than LA) and we DIED staying in our room. Since Jso and I shared the bunk beds, we decided to leave the window open throughout the night to get some fresh air in. The first night we slept, I randomly woke up in the middle of the night to find some guy HALFWAY through our window!!!! I opened up my eyes and asked him WTF he was doing. He acted cool and simply asked for a lighter. I was like WTF... I didn't know what time it was, but everything felt fishy to me and I felt so awkward at that moment. He stood there talking to me for like 5 minutes, asking me questions about my team and where we were from, etc. After a few minutes, I told him I didn't have a lighter and to leave us alone, but he wouldn't. I guess raising my voice woke Jso up and she firmly asked him to leave as well. The 3 guys wouldn't budge so Jso ended up just slamming the window in his face and locking it. Believe us, we didn't leave the window open for the rest of the trip.

The complexity guys were staying at the same hotel and we found out those guys were bugging their team as well. Thomz woke up randomly in the middle of the night and one of the guys was literally IN THEIR ROOM looking through their shit. He was convinced they were looking for money or valuables!!!! Once Thomz asked WTF HE WAS DOING, he ran out the window and that was the end of that. I WAS SO shocked after hearing that.... those guys could have totally stole our shit or raped us. Lesson learned... :[

The first 2 days we arrived in Paris, we didn't have to play so we got the chance to sightsee and stuff. It was so freaking hot walking around that we only went to two tourist stops. We all literally felt like we were going to pass out from the heat! I uploaded an album so you guys can check out the pictures from there. :]

The tournament itself went awesome obviously. Every girl had their moment to shine and it was great to feel the unity from this team. I think this lineup has been the most close compared to every other lineup I've been apart. We hung out and talked alot together... it was nice to see that we were all getting along and truly loved each other. Especially after all these years, it can be seen that we wouldn't want to play with anyone else but the 5 we had right now.

I'm going to save a blog strictly for the afterparty. That party was so damn fun.. I can't wait to blog about it soon.




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