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Moon meets Grubby in ESWC brackets

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Jul 2, 2010 19:25

ImageA classic rivalry will be revived in the first knock-out round of ESWC.

The second group stage of ESWC came to an end just now, bringing with it some fascinating matches. After several players made it through the opening day undefeated not a single one managed to repeat that performance on day two. Lyn, Moon and Happy came closest with four wins each from five games.

Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen, who won every match yesterday, narrowly pulled through by defeating Pedro 'LucifroN' Moreno Durán in the last match of Group 1. The other Durán brother, Vortix, turned out to be the whipping boy of the pool, finishing bottom with zero wins; hardly surprising for an undead player in a group dominated by orc players. June 'Lyn' Park topped the group and his reward is a first round tie against Valentin 'Majestic' Kosorovcev. The Ukrainian also barely made it to bracket play with a 2-3 record in Group 2 and looks like relatively easy pickings for an on-form Lyn.

Jae Ho 'Moon' Jang won Group 2 and will rekindle epic memories of his previous encounters with Grubby. Although they are meeting earlier than some fans might like, it is a pairing sure to whet the appetite of any Warcraft fan. However, with Grubby only having played one nightelf match so far (against Zerter) he will have to put in a lot of preparation if he wants to overcome the fifth race.

The other two matches will see Dmitriy 'Happy' Kostin, who, like Moon, went 4-1 taking on Hyo Sub 'FoCuS' Eom and Sung Sik 'ReMinD' Kim vs Marcus 'Thorzain' Eklöf. Happy has been quietly successful so far but coming up against a top level orc at this stage might spell curtains for the Russian. He was already defeated by Lyn yesterday and Focus presents an equally difficult task. As for Remind and Thorzain, the two have never met offline before and both currently hold similar record at this event. However, Remind's 72% win ratio against human, coupled with far greater LAN experience should be enough to see him through.

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