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Grubby is flawless in group play

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Jul 1, 2010 18:43

ImageWith the group stage over, four players are undefeated but only Grubby won every one of his games.

The first group stage is almost over, with four players going undefeated. Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen won every single match, in fact, although his group (Group B) was the smallest and arguably the weakest after Fly dropped out. Fellow orc Aleksandar 'Aca' Zivkovic came through in 2nd place while Juan 'VortiX' Moreno Durán nicked the vital 3rd spot.

In Group A Jae Ho 'Moon' Jang was one map away from matching Grubby's record but Thomas 'ThomasG' Glinski managed to take a crucial map from him. The tie means that the Dane is level with both Lucifron and Majestic on 11 points. With two spots up for grabs, the trio will face a tie-breaker to see who misses out.

Group C was topped by June 'Lyn' Park. His flawless record is a little less impressive, with two wins and a draw, but the important thing at this stage is to qualify. Dmitriy 'Happy' Kostin was just one point behind him in 2nd place, while Marcus 'Thorzain' Eklöf took the final qualifying position despite drawing with both of the players above him. The group's results were skewed somewhat by the no-show from Chinese player Lin 'Wulin' Wu.

Sung Sik 'ReMinD' Kim also had a won three-drawn two record, which took him to the top of Group D. It will take another tie-breaker to settle the rest of this group, however. Focus, Yumiko and Nicker all ended the day on six points and their tie-break games are currently ongoing.

You can follow the whole tournament by heading over to our coverage page



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