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Zerter: "Lyn and ReMinD are favourites"

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Jun 30, 2010 16:30

ImageSomewhat of a surprising participant, Zerter gives SK his thoughts on the upcoming ESWC event.

It's a long time since we saw the name Zerter under the "players" heading. What spurred the comeback?

I was looking at the way ESWC was inviting playing and I figured I stood a decent chance of receiving an invite if I signed up. I enjoyed competing at ESWC events in the past so I figured "Why not?".

How much have you practiced for the event? Do you think you can cause an upset or two, or are you just there to enjoy yourself?

I'm almost at forty games of practice. I'm not near practiced enough to compete with anyone. Realistically the only way I go through is if I manage to somehow capitalize on mistakes other players make. I do know from myself that I have a strong mental game, so if less experienced players are nervous etc... maybe I can beat them, but I wouldn't count on it.

Some people have already wondered where Rotterdam is at this event. Can you shed any light on that?

I would imagine he would have been invited had he signed up (I would have signed him up myself if he still had an interest in WC3 competitions). It would not have surprised me to see him come as a commentator, but to my knowledge he has not been invited.
"I do know from myself that I have a strong mental game, so if less experienced players are nervous maybe I can beat them."

Speaking of Dutch orc players, you're grouped with Grubby. But with Fly being unable to attend, how tough do you think your group is?

I think this is a relatively easy group now, I did not understand why Fly100% was not among the highest seeds to begin with and saw little chance for the other players except for Grubby to beat him. Now likely two out of the four non-progamers will progress.

I of course don't want to sell short the skills of the other players in the group, Aca played a big part in eliminating Netherlands from ENC and is a player to be feared, potentially someone that can do well. Vortix has been among Europe's strongest players for a long time and impressively has done so playing Undead. The group might not have two of the absolute best players in the world any more, but it definitely contains some great players.

It seems like that's the case in all the groups at this ESWC. Would you agree that they're fairly even?

Suppose there were no VISA failures, the groups would have been pretty even. I would have preferred to be in A or D however as the groups feature match-ups (Night Elf and Human) I prefer greatly over needing to play two Undead to qualify for the next stage.

ESWC's format is traditional but it is very different from other tournaments. What do you make of it?

The only other tournament that can compare to ESWC in terms of the number and nationality of participants and how the participants get determined is WCG (traditionally anyway. And both use a pretty similar format with ESWC substituting a portion of the single elimination bracket for a second group stage.

I think WCG's format makes for a little bit more exciting (do or die matches!), but ESWC's is probably better in terms of seeing the better players progress as the more maps you play the less likely you are to be eliminated because you were unlucky in one or two individual maps.

Still, the "best-of-two" structure can make for some pretty strange results.
"I think WCG's format makes for a little bit more excitment, but ESWC's is probably better in terms of seeing the better players progress."

Yeah, you don't see it a lot. But that does not make it "wrong" or anything, the better players still progress. You could argue it leads to more tie-breakers, but if it does it is only marginally, WCG has plenty of tie-breakers every year as well.

So looking furhter into the tournament, who are you looking at as potential winners?

I had Fly100% winning the tournament.... with him out I'm going for Lyn and ReMinD as favourites with Moon, Happy and Grubby all having a shot as well.

And where will we see Zerter himself finish?

I would have said last, but given that Fly100% dropped out I am gauranteed to at least finish fifth in my group which means I could argue I did better than the sixth and seventh place finishers in group A, so I'll probably finish 20th out of 22.

Well, hopefully u can get a bit of luck. Thanks for the interview.

No problem, thanks for interviewing me. [smiles]



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