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SK Gaming welcomes new Call of Duty team

By Stuart 'SwitchbacK' Macdonald
Jun 26, 2010 22:59

ImageSK Gaming have acquired a new Xbox 360 Call of Duty team, two months after the removal of the previous squad.

Two months after the removal of the previous Xbox 360 Call of Duty team, SK Gaming have secured a new side. They will represent SK Gaming on both Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2.

Fronted by brothers Luke 'LukeJS' Sowersby and Ashley 'Sowerz' Sowersby, formerly of Team Infused, the new team is centered around ambition for success. Joining the pair is former SK Gaming player Sam 'Pacino' Walley and ex-Celsus man Josh 'Kermz' Trenter.

The two brothers and Pacino enjoyed success on Call of Duty 4 at the EGL event back in November, coming away as winners. While many saw the event as the game's last LAN, the title has returned once again for the European Console League event which will take place at the end of July.

Sam 'SammyK' Kendall, SK Gaming's UK Call of Duty manager, commented:

"It's good to finally let everyone know that I can announce the arrival of a new CoD team in SK Gaming. After my research and scouting I conducted during the last couple of weeks I have finally found the right team that have the formalities that I have been after. I am so glad to pick up the established Sowersby brothers along with Pacino and a newly upcoming player in Kermz. I believe with their dedication and loyalty they will deliver the results that SK Gaming are after!"

New recruit Ashley 'Sowerz' Sowersby added:

"With our new team, we are really excited to be representing SK Gaming and thank Sammy for this opportunity. Teaming with Pacino again and with the new addition of Kermz, I believe we have the players with the ambition and dedication that we have sorely missed throughout MW2 at the moment, not only in game but out of game. We look forward to the future ahead with SK Gaming at the coming LAN events."

SK Gaming's Xbox 360 Call of Duty squad:

UK Josh 'Kermz' Trenter
UK Luke 'LukeJS' Sowersby
UK Ashley 'Sowerz' Sowersby
UK Sam 'Pacino' Walley



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