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Dreamhack reaches Playoffs

By 1 'SEBL1NGT0N' 2
Jun 21, 2010 00:26

ImageDay 2 of Dreamhack has concluded, with the main Counter-Strike tournament's group games all complete.

This morning at 9:00 the Dreamhack Counter-Strike main tournament kicked off with the Group stages being played. There were a total of 16 teams in the running for the gold medals, but they have now been broken down to 8 teams as the tournament has now reached the play-off stage.

Group A
1st SE Fnatic
2nd FR Fair Frag

In group A, the spotlight was on fnatic, who only a day before won the Swedish WCG qualifier. Only today flashbacks of previous group stages nearly resulted in the team finishing second, as Fair Frag pushed them to the limit, eventually pulling off a draw. With fnatic and Fair Frag on level points, the top spot would go down to round difference, which went in the favour of fnatic.

Group B
1st UA Natus Vincere
2nd SE MeetYourMakers swe

Probably one of the most waited for was group B, with NaVi and MYM competing for that all important top spot. Both teams would take their first two games and then meet in the final round of games, but the world champions would come out on top, resulting in them topping the group and MYM taking second.

Group C
1st SE Concode
2nd SE SK Gaming

Over in Group C, eyes would be on SK-Gaming, especially after their win earlier in the day over fnatic. Only another tournament surprise would follow as a near perfect run would end with a defeat to Concode. With concode completing their perfect run, they topped the group, leaving SK to face the harder playoff challenge in second place.

Group D
1st DK mTw
2nd SE H2k Gaming

In group D there was a whole variety of nationalities, with the Danish team of mTw being the highlight. They along with NaVi and Concode would have a flawless run and place first. As for second, the newly refurbished lineup of h2k would take that, even after a heavy 16-3 loss to mTw early on in the tournament.

With all the group games complete, Dreamhack staff can proceed with the playoff bracket. Games are scheduled to begin tomorrow morning, where two of the quarter-finals will be played at 9:00 and the other two at 12:00.

Tomorrows Fixtures:

fnatic vs H2k
Concode vs MYM
NaVi vs SK
mTw vs Fair Frag



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