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MLG Columbus: flawed but fascinating

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Jun 7, 2010 14:38

ImageMLG Columbus has come and gone, leaving a slightly bitter taste in the mouth. At least the games were fantastic.

Before I talk about any of the WoW played at MLG this weekend, I want to discuss the tournament and the coverage. GotForums has been the official partner of MLG for a few years now and has never really set the world alight with its coverage but at least in the past they had the bare minimum. But this weekend, results were hours late – so much so that I came home from a barbecue at 2am on Sunday morning and found that the results I had from Friday and Saturday were barely behind what GF had in their system, despite six or so hours more games having been played.

Now, when you’re working alone from home with no official help you might be forgiven for being a little bit behind. But with a team of ON-SITE staff, it’s just unforgivable. I suppose I should have seen the warning signs with the pleas for volunteer writers before the event but you live in hope, I suppose.
"The tournament itself showcased some of the best WoW matches in the game’s history."

On the bright side… the tournament itself showcased some of the best WoW matches in the game’s history. The grand final would have been a fine spectacle for any event, and was the closest MLG final that I remember. I’ve never been a fan of MLG’s bizarre tournament formats but Complexity Red made it work yesterday. Well, almost. Without the 3-1 lead from the first game, things might have been even closer than the uber-tense 6-4 finale we got.

But what really hit home for me, was the fact that RMP is still around. Like some kind of rash, it just refuses to go away. It fades for a while, so much that you think it’s gone entirely. And just when you stop looking for it altogether; bam! It’s right back where it was before, irritating your gen… erm… winning tournaments.

But in fact, it never did quite die-off at all. MLG wasn’t a resurrection but more of a return to form. Just because a rogue/lock/shaman team won IEM; just because Wizardcleave has been the talk of the TR, everyone forgot about the classic comp. But if we look at closer at IEM, RMP did just fine. Two teams out of the top four were RMP and only a sub-par performance from Hydra and co, combined with an above-par one from EG stopped it being absolutely on top.
"an RMP mirror in a finals match is something a bit rarer. You have to look all the way back to IEM Cologne"

Still, an RMP mirror in a finals match is something a bit rarer. You have to look all the way back to IEM Cologne to see Ensidia vs aAa, in fact. Fittingly, Ensidia – or Dignitas as they are now – is the only other team to still regularly play RMP at a high level. It just goes to show that through all the flavour-of-the-month comps and the trinket-based cheese, sometimes sticking to your guns works just as well.

There is one last thing I’d like to pick up on the RMP subject, though. Was Complexity’s RMP some kind of American secret weapon? Even the commentators seemed genuinely surprised to see it. Forget about the Spanish Inquisition, nobody expects the American RMP!

The Zechs Files will return next week but you can follow me on Twitter for regular updates on all things esports.



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