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The Slayer says "I apologize."

By Calinescu 'Dynasty' Dan-Gabriel
May 18, 2010 10:50

ImageAfter a middle game ragequit in DDT’s match against Competo, Mysery- submits a blog entry, apoligizing to his fans, his team mates and the community for his wrongful behaviour.

Two days ago, Online Kingdom had to face Competo in a match for Pick League XIII.

When the game clock ticked the minute 29:30 mark, Rasmus 'Misery-' Berth Filipsen left the game intentionally without saying anything.

His team decided to play on and kept their confidence in their chances to win the game anyway.

Around the 58th minute mark, Competo called ‘gg’ and the game ended in favor of DDT.
Eventhough DDT won the game, Misery-‘s improper behaviour shocked the community.

Eventhough he is known as a very stubborn individual and accustomed with all sorts of outbreaks while playing DotA, Misery- realised that his behaviour was wrongful and totally unnecessary and decided to clear things up for everyone.

Besides that, he has shown a lot of common sense and decency by officially apologizing to his and DDT’s fans, team mates and the community.

He also promised that this incident will never happen again.

As the saying goes “An admitted mistake is almost forgiven.”, by admitting he was wrong, Misery- once again won the hearts of the community.

Source: Misery-'s Blog



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