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LeX in-depth part 2: Na`Vi

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
May 18, 2010 02:03

ImageIn part two of the 'LeX in-depth' video interview series the famous Russian player talks about Na`Vi and in particular markeloff, Edward and Zeus.

The lengthy interview conducted with famous former Virtus.Pro player, and now Arbalet tournament organiser, Alexey 'LeX' Kolesnikov continues with part two. The series was conducted following the Arbalet Best of Four tournament and each of the four parts is to be released on a Monday in May.

In part two LeX talks about the Na`Vi team which have taken competitive Counter-Strike by storm. Following Arbalet Best of Four it was natural to call the Ukranians the best team in the world. What does LeX think of them and their ability to compete tactically in a way no other team from the CIS region has managed to before? Why did LeX jokingly describe them as the "CIS fnatic" once?

The Russian whose AWP was often admired by fans talks about the scene's current elite AWPer in markeloff and how he seen him develop as a player. What is the context in which LeX explains of the young Ukranian that "he knows how to work"?

In Virtus.Pro LeX brought in Edward and with him setting the world alight now with his pistol skills it's worth finding out what LeX has seen change in his curly-haired ex-team-mate. LeX also talks about the Na`Vi tactican Zeus, who was brought into Virtus.Pro along with Edward but of whom LeX says during his Virtus.Pro days was "not even half of his skill" now.

Part one, for those who need to catch up.

Part three will be released on Monday the 24th of May.

Part two:



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