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hooch: "don't see how mTw can beat [Na`Vi]"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
May 15, 2010 22:24

ImageUNiTED's hooch explains why he thinks mTw can't beat Na`Vi, what PinG's chances are against fnatic and suggests a non-UNiTED player as the best Russian player.

UNiTED Russia were eliminated from the second group stage following a three-way tie for second. Still coming off a win over mTw on train former captain Dmitri 'hooch' Bogdanov had plenty to talk about.

As well as his team's final games of the tournament hooch talked about his thoughts on the two semi-final matchups. Why does he think mTw can't beat Na`Vi and why does he describe their performance against the Ukranians in the group stage as "pathetic"? What of fellow CIS competitors PinG? How does he rate their chances against fnatic and which map is their best bet?

hooch also talks about the changes within his own team that have seen him relinquish in-game leadership to B1ad3, who replaced N1ck3L, and ed1k brought in for F_1N. How goes does he think forZe really are? Playing with ROMjKE why doesn't he consider him the best Russian player? It may surprise some to hear that he selects someone from outside of his team for that title.



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