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Starcraft II Beta Key Giveaway - 12 hours left

By Jens 'JPW' Wundenberg
May 9, 2010 21:13

ImageStarting today we will be giving away 32 Starcraft II Beta Keys to all our valued SK Insiders over the course of the next week. Make sure you don't miss this one!

First of all: Yes, you read correctly - we are going to give away 32 Starcraft II Beta Keys to all our valued SK Insiders. If you are not an SK Insider, go ahead and sign up - this is what some people might consider the chance of a lifetime. If you are already in possession of a key, please be a good guy and let the others have a piece of the cake as well.

ImageWhat you need to do

Nothing. Request a key by commenting to this news. Keys will be given out randomly to all our Insiders - the more active you are the more likely it is you are actually going to receive a key.

What you can do to put the odds in your favor:

- SK Insider APP ranking
- Event and tournament activity
- Submission of Ask SK entries
- Join us on
- retweet!Image

Not an SK Insider yet?

We are currently having a special offer - 3 Months of SK Insider for 10 Euro, which makes it 3,33 Euro a month and a discount of more than 50%. On top of that, you will get to pick 4 friends and make them an SK Insider for 6 weeks. Read more here and become an SK Insider in no time!

>>> Become an SK Insider!

For more information and subscription options, check out



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