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Blizzard shuns KeSPA, looks for a new partner

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Apr 28, 2010 23:25

ImageBlizzard's ongoing feud with the Korean esports Association came to a head today.

A report on Game Politics says that the disagreement between KeSPA and Blizzard finally came to a conclusion today. The creators of the Stacraft and Warcraft franchises has decided to look for a new esports partner in one of the sports' most developed nations.

The Korean eSports Association has been in disagreement with Blizzard for some time over rights to Starcraft tournaments. Some people even claim that SC2's 18+ rating is due to the argument. The rating, given earlier this week will be officially appealed by Blizzard, according to the company's CEO, Mike Morhaime. But with KeSPA being a government-friendly organisation, the chances of a successful appeal look slim.

Game Politics also took the time to speculate on the future of Starcraft's current incarnation, questioning the game's viability after its sequel is released. But if Blizzard manages to popularise SC2 in the Korean market despite the 18+ rating they will go a long way to conquering KeSPA's stranglehold on the nation's esports.

On a related note, the original interview revealed an interesting piece of information about Blizzard's plans for SC2's revenue. "We plan to reinvest a large portion of [SC2's profit] to develop e-sports even further," said the Blizzard CEO.

Source: Game Politics via Team Liquid

Original interview: Yohap News



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