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zAAz: "To ALL the female haters out there"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Apr 19, 2010 19:15

ImagezAAz takes aim at Swedish males on websites like fragbite and for what she perceives as negative comments about female gaming.

fnatic female CS player Zainab "zAAz" Turkie has written a blog directed "To ALL the female haters out there" in which she addresses what she feels are negative comments towards female gamers.

She singles out Swedish males in particular:

"Why is it mostly SWEDISH guys saying that? I can't seriously see other people doing that more than them. Why are you so negative? Why can't you just be positive? I mean I really don't care what you comment I only laugh when I read it but I'm just wondering why you are so negative all the time... Cant you just change your mind a little bit and think positive? Comment here and say why WE don't deserve a shit? Most of them comment; "play against the male teams u noobie girls". Well WHY should we play against the male team when we know for SURE that they are better than us? Sure it would be cool if we pracc against them, but you know and WE know that it would be IMPOSSIBLE for us girls to have a chance and win? And now I am talking about the top maleteams out there. It's just so many idiot comments to be honest. Sometimes it makes me think if people really use their brains."

Also Swedish websites fragbite and attract her ire:

"The websites I am aiming for atm are and! Don't be surprised people, it's mostly 12 year old boys at those sites. Which is so cute, hehe."

zAAz and fnatic's female team will be competing at the Arbalet Female tournament in the Ukraine which is rescheduled for the 1st of May.

Source: fnatic



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