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Na´Vi top PiNG, win Arbalet Cup Ukraine

By Justin 'PrimeTime' Loeb
Apr 4, 2010 05:06

ImageAfter being sent to the lower bracket by DTS, Natus Vincere came back to win the Arbalet Cup Ukraine.

The IEM World Champions, and Arbalet Cup Asia winners Natus Vincere were the favorites heading into this weekend’s Arbalet Cup Ukraine. Despite an early scare from DTS the team managed to claw their way back from the lower bracket to add another championship banner to their names.

In their match against DTS, things did not start their way as they dropped the first seven rounds on the Counter-Terrorist side of de_train. Any type of early momentum and adrenaline was lost as the team realized they were in for a tough game. Natus Vincere managed to fight back after winning the pistol round in the second half, but was still down 15-14 when Andrew 'B1ad3' Gordenskiy won a 1vs1 to win the match.

Regardless of the loss, confidence was not lost as the team made it back to the finals where they would face off against PiNG . Strong play from Ioan 'Edward' Sukhariev was crucial in the team’s victory as they went on to win both games on de_dust2 in convincing fashion 16-5 and 16-8. Natus Vincere are Arbalet Cup Ukraine 2010 champions.

Arbalet Cup Ukraine Top Three:

1 – Natus Vincere $3,000 + Arbalet Cup CIS spot
2 – PiNG $2,000 + Arbalet Cup CIS spot
3 – DTS $1,000 + Arbalet Cup CIS spot

(Photograph copyright ESL)



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