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SW Reborn SCII Korean List confirmed, Check in

By Yao 'SenLin' Yao
Mar 28, 2010 19:34

ImagePainKiller, Babybaby and Thanatoss, three top Asian ladder players will attend the StarsWar Reborn 2010 StarCraftII Invitational.

We were informed that StarCraft II, which is the most anticipated game of the year, will appear at the StarsWar Reborn Grand Finals. As we all know, the battle will be held from the 16th-18th April at the Lu Wan Sports Stadium, Shanghai. However, the committee kept silent until today. A StarCraft II Invitational is planned to be shown to the public as part of finals. It is quite exciting to hear that some big names were invited and they will play the same match system as the classic WarCraft III one.

According to the Committee, the StarCraft II Invitational will invite top pro gamers from Korea, Europe and China to build National Teams for the 3v3 KOF match system. Progress to the finals depends on not only your skills but also your reputation thanks to a process of resurrection by audience sms voting.

More great news is: China's State General Administration of Sport authorized StarsWar Reborn to pick up rosters of WarCraft III/StarCraft II Chinese national teams which means the formal tournament is approved by national institutions and the Chinese national team will represent the mother land and fight for the honors.

Today the Korean StarCraft II National team confirmed its lineups: Hyeong Ju 'PainKiller' Lee(a.k.a. Check) occupied Rank 1st in Asian Ladder´╝î Jung Ki 'Babybaby' Oh (a.k.a. Susiria) took 8th place. Jae shin 'thanatoss' Park(aka EVE), who ranks 1st got the last slot.
Korean SCII Team List:
Hyeong Ju 'PainKiller' Lee Z ladder rank 1st
Jung Ki 'Babybaby' Oh T ladder rank top8
Jae shin 'thanatoss' Park P ladder rank 1st



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