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ESL TV 16 player Invite cup + premium keys

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Mar 16, 2010 22:32

ImageESL TV are hosting a 16 player Invite cup with a cast of players who are well known Blizzard title stars, including Insomnia. SK Gaming is giving away some one month ESL TV premium keys.

ESL TV will be hosting a StarCraft 2 Invite cup this Friday, the 19th of March, which will be featuring 16 players. All 16 are within the top 30 of the beta ladder and are famous from a variety of other Blizzard games. Two of those players, HasuObs and Xlord, will play live from the ESL TV studio. Those players are EPS Germany champions two and three times respectively.

Also on the list are: ex-SK WC3 player Insomnia, ex-SK WoW player Orly, UK WC3 player DeMusliM, Romanian WC3 player Nightend, Dutch StarCraft player Ret who returned from South Korea recently and top Ukranian StarCraft players White-Ra and DIMAGA.

The tournament will be streamed live and the schedule for the games will be found via this page. The brackets can also be viewed.

Players invited:

DE Dennis "HasuObs" Schneider
DE Daniel "Xlord" Spenst
RO Silviu "Nightend" Lazar
SE Carl Stefan "MorroW" Andersson
UA Krupnyk "White-Ra" Oleksiy
DE Marius "Horror" Overhageböck
UK Ben "DeMusliM" Baker
SE Hayder "Haypro" Hussein
DE Patrick "Infernal" Möller
SE Mattias "Naugrim" Ottosson
UA Dmitriy "DIMAGA" Filipchuk
UA Dreivenievgen "Strelok" Kostyantinovich
BG Zdravko "Insomnia" Georgiev
BE Olivier "Orly" Bellemans
NL Victor "Nazgul" Goossens
NL Jos "Ret" De Kroon

Date: Friday 19th March
Start: 5pm CET (expected to last until 10pm)
Format: Single Elimination
Final format: Best of five
Prize money: 200 Euros for the winner (plus ESL t-shirts)

- Blistering Sands
- Desert Oasis
- Scrap Station
- Steppes of War
- Kulas Ravine
- Lost Temple
- Metalopolis

Both players remove two maps with the top player in the bracket going first. Of the three remaining maps both players pick one map, with the top player again picking first.

Viewers, from any country, can also win some t-shirts, a StarCraft 2 poster, ESL TV premium two week keys and potentially more throughout the show via comments and emails for questions brought up during the tournament. Premium keys give users access to a high quality stream and SK Gaming have a handful of keys which will be given away to users of the website. Read the end of this post to find out how to win one.

There will also be a raffle to held live in the show to give away five StarCraft 2 beta keys. A question will be asked and the answer must be sent to along with the viewer's full name and account.

To win an ESL TV premium key, good for one month of viewing, simply leave a comment below saying you want a key and winners will be contacted via their SK account inbox on Thursday.

Source: ESL



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