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GuX: "we need more rivalries"

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Mar 14, 2010 20:08

ImageFollowing a 3rd place by the recently re-manned SK Gaming CS squad the team's newest addition, GuX, talks about IEM, NaVi and his role within the team.

A little over a month ago, on February 12th, Rasmus 'GuX' Ståhl made headlines for eSports networks everywhere for joining the ranks of SK Gaming . The 20 year-old player was previously known for a nine month stay with Fnatic and a short stint with the heavily hyped H2k-gaming roster. With his initial signing with SK Gaming GuX had a preliminary interview, during which he discussed his initial perception of the team.

Now, with a month of tenure and a major tournament appearance under his belt, GuX has returned to provide some further insights. Having spent a good deal of time training and delivering with the four others, GuX has developed more defined perceptions of the team and how his play style will play out with upcoming tournament appearances. Thanks to IEM 4 World Championship Finals, the Counter-Strike squad has had time to reflect upon their playstyles and outcomes and are now working hard to further develop their strategies.

You have now been a part of SK Gaming for nearly a month now. How do you feel your new team works out for you? Has it been a smooth adjustment and transition for you?

It works out really good for me; I get along really well with walle, RobbaN, allen and face. It's been great so far and I have a lot of fun with the guys!
"I will try to adapt to what will work out the best in SK and maybe I will continue in the same fashion, or maybe I'll change it up a bit."

Your teammates have described you as somewhat of a lone wolf in the sense that during matches you are a player that often strikes out in his own fashion. Do you see yourself continuing this play style with your SK Gaming comrades?

Haha, yeah that is probably true, I always try to have a tactic of what I'm going do every round that might work to counter the opponents and I would describe myself as sometimes overconfident in what I do. I will try to adapt to what will work out the best in SK and maybe I will continue in the same fashion, or maybe I'll change it up a bit. I like to try and play a lot of different styles so I'm trying to not be that easy to read.

From a self-evaluating neutral perspective, how do you see your tactics that you have grown accustomed to fitting in with the preexisting strategies of the team?

Well, I think it has worked out pretty well. Of course we have stuff to change, but that will come when we all get to learn the different styles of all the players and I will try to add some of my thoughts into the tactics we have and try to change it up a bit; we will see. I think it will work out a lot better in the future.

The Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Finals was the official debut for SK Gaming’s Counter-Strike squad with you included. How did you feel about the team’s overall performance?

Well, I think we played okay. We had our ups and downs like all teams have when you bring in someone new; it's hard to play the style you're going to play in the future in the first tournament. I think IEM was more of a tournament where everyone got to know me and how I play, etc. I think we'll perform stronger in the tournaments to come!

With the World Championship Finals concluded, what changes do you see the Counter-Strike squad taking in order to improve itself and overcome the faults you guys encountered?

I think we'll talk a lot about our tactics and try to change up a lot of things. I think everyone pretty much have an idea where it went wrong and we will try to fix a lot of those errors for the upcoming tournament.
"We need more rivalries to get things to heat up a bit more in eSports!"

The team Natus Vincere is fairly new to the Counter-Strike scene but has already become the highest-grossing team of 2010. They were able to shut down every team at the World Finals apart from SK Gaming. What do you believe was the key element that made your team the single speed bump between them and $50,000?

I think we just played the game that we are supposed to play and the game we can play when we don't do all mistakes that you so easily make when you're a new team. Those mistakes are going to happen and they did at the worst time, but we've learned a lot from them and we'll try improving from them, as well.

Your former comrades from Fnatic felt two major defeats during the tournament; one from Evil Geniuses and the other from Natus Vincere. What do you think their weaknesses were that these teams exploited in order to earn their victories?

I actually have no idea; I didn't watch the games that close, so I can't tell. I think that Natus Vincere was just the better team, EG probably just had their best game of the tournament. But of course I didn't watch the games that closely so I can't really tell.

One of the hottest topics in the world of professional Counter-Strike is the rivalry between Fnatic and SK Gaming. After facing off against them in person, how does it feel to be on the other side of the fence?

Haha! I just think it's a fun thing that there is some rivalry in eSports, we need more rivalries to get things to heat up a bit more in eSports!

You unfortunately did not have the opportunity to attend the prize ceremony in person and claim your bronze medal. For those unaware of your travel plans, could you please explain?

Yeah, well I had a flight early in the morning after and some of the managers had to drive me there and the drive is pretty far, so that's pretty much why I had to leave early.

Finally, how far into the future do you see yourself continuing with professional Counter-Strike?

As long as I think I can compete with the other top players and see myself perform as well as I want. I don't want to be a guy who just hangs around there and plays poorly every game; I want to be a guy that can contribute to my team. Otherwise, there's no point in me playing.
"I want to be a guy that can contribute to my team. Otherwise, there's no point in me playing."

Well, I believe your addition has been most appreciated and we look forward to seeing you perform in these coming months.

Thank you very much, and I really look forward to having the opportunity to represent SK Gaming in future tournaments, as well.

Do you have any closing comments for the community?

Yeah, well I’d just like to thank all the fans at for all the support I've had, it's been really awesome! Thanks a lot for that!



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