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Bisu takes a break from competition

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Mar 11, 2010 22:05

ImageThe revolutionist, Bisu, will be taking a break from professional StarCraft competition it has been announced. This comes after his elimination from the Korean Air OSL.

The man they call 'The revolutionist' Taek Yong 'Bisu' Kim is taking a temporary break from professional StarCraft fomos is reporting.

Jo Man Su of the SKT front office explained the situation:
"Bisu had been exhausted from his busy schedule, and we learned that his physical health was poor as well, so we decided to give him a break… …we discussed the issue with coach Park, and decided we would give Bisu a chance to recharge before he returns to the team."

Elite level professional StarCraft players are known to practice in the range of 10-12 hours day in and day out as their teams and coaches drill them to be prepared for their matches in both the individual Starleagues and the Proleague, where they carry the ultimate responsibility of ensuring their teams wins often via the Ace match.

This decision to take a break comes on the heels of a disappointing elimination from the Korean Air OSL Ro36 to go.go. Bisu's poor recent Starleague form had forced him to compete in the preliminaries, which he made it through by defeating SaiR and Action. Bisu has qualified into the Ro36 for the MSL so many are expecting he will return in time to compete for what would be a potential fourth, and thus record-breaking, MSL title.

Bisu is widely considered the best Protoss player of all time. He rapidly rose to fame after defeating the bonjwa sAviOr 3:0 on what has been referred to as the 'March 3rd revolution'. His Corsair and Dark Templar build proving the perfect counter for sAviOr's seemingly invincible greedy macro Zerg play style. Crucially this incredible victory came after Bisu had taken a vacation to Thailand, something fans of his will be hoping proves to be a good omen for what could come out of this break from competitive play.

Bisu went on to win the next MSL back-to-back and when he appeared in a third straight MSL final was all set to become the fifth bonjwa in some people's eyes, only to be upset by Mind. A slump followed but Bisu was able to return as he won the ClubDay MSL. That victory gave him three Starleague golds, the most for any protoss player in history, as well as the golden badge for three MSL titles. He is also among only four players to reach three MSL titles.

Known for his incredible mechanics, superlative multi-tasking and, at his peak, revolutionary strategies Bisu has been loved by fans since his rise as much as he is hated by anti-fans. Nevertheless his individual play in the Starleagues has left something to be desired in recent times as he has been unable to truly live up to the marquee value of his name.

Source: (in Korean) via TeamLiquid
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