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Na'Vi are IEM World Champions

By Justin 'PrimeTime' Loeb
Mar 6, 2010 19:07

ImageWith strong play throughout the entire tournament, Na'Vi beat fnatic in the grand finals to be crowned IEM Champions.

Four days of competition are behind us at the IEM World Championships. After a slow start due to server attacks the tournament got underway with Fnatic and Natus Vincere advancing to the grand final. Last year’s champions, fnatic, have had a flawless tournament thus far only losing their first match at the beginning of the tournament. They will be looking to repeat last year’s performance and become IEM World Champions for the second year in a row. On the other hand, the Ukrainian team Natus Vincere has surprised a lot of people by their performance in the tournament and would like to come out on top one more time to claim the title.

Despite some early nerves, Na’Vi swept the best of three series they are now the IEM World Champions. With strong team play they took down the defending champion’s fnatic.

Natus Vincere 16:13 Fnatic (train – 5:10 11:3)
Natus Vincere 16:14 Fnatic (inferno - 7:8 9:6)

First Map

To start the match Na’Vi seemed a little bit off from their usually play, perhaps the main stage, first place prize money, and the large crowd made them a little nervous. Fantic won the knife round and took the counter-terrorist side to start the match. They would then win the pistol round after sharing kills on a very close round. In an interesting decision Na’Vi bought guns in the third round and they would win the round to bring the score to 2-1.

From there the AWP of Harley 'dsn' Örwall took complete control not allowing Na’Vi to break down their defense. Just before the first half in the fourteenth round Patrik 'cArn' Sättermon had an extremely important 2vs1 clutch round in which Na’Vi almost managed to eco fnatic. Na’Vi would then win the last round and end the half at 10-5.

In the second half we saw a completely different Na’Vi team who played with a lot more confidence, something we had seen earlier in the tournament. They were able to win the pistol round after a great play by Ioan 'Edward' Sukhariev. From there they continued to play very strong on the defensive side and won the first map 16-13 only giving fnatic three rounds on the terrorist side.

Second Map

The second map would be a very exciting one for the spectators around the globe. Na’Vi would win the knife round and pick the counter-terrorist side. In the first round fnatic decided a full rush on banana would be their best bet, and they got into the site very easily with only one defender there. Na’Vi was able to take the site back and win the round.

Fnatic would then try another interesting tactic by buying deagles and armor second round, and this time it paid off. They would win the second round and force Na’Vi to save the next few rounds. In the fourteenth round, Arseniy 'ceh9' Trynozhenko had a huge round at B and took down fnatic. This would make it 7-8 going into the half time.

From there it would go back and forth, when Na’Vi took a small lead fnatic would claw back to tie it up. Near the end it went to a 14-14 score. It would be an exciting last few rounds and Na’Vi ended picking them both up to become the world champions.



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