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Nony Wins TSL Grand Final

By Jerome 'sexyuser' Hello
Mar 1, 2010 00:08

ImageThe grand final of the second TeamLiquid Starleague has finished.

The event was a real pleasure for every Starcraft fan with some very exiting matchs that everyone was able to watch live, with commentators and interviews.

This Grand Final was opposing the well known templar Christoph 'Mondragon' Semke to the American monster Tyler 'Tyler' Wasieleski.

The former eSTRO player has impressed everyone during this event, defeating the American superstar Gregory 'IdrA' Fields in the quarter final and the Canadian Jian Fei 'IefNaij' Wang in the first semi final. Christoph 'Mondragon' Semke on his side is eliminated his former team mate now DuskBin player, Chia Yang 'SEn' Cheng.

The final took place at 20:00 CET tonight and finished arround 23:00 CET. Mondragon started as the dominant player winning the first two games and since many have seen him as the favorite he was in good shape to win this grand final. Tyler 'Tyler' Wasieleski on his side failed a few drops and wasn't going that well losing the first two games. The situation turned in Nony's favor on the third game and the protoss player finaly won four games in a row, winning the TSL Grand Final and earning $10,000 USD, Christoph 'Mondragon' Semke finishing second earn $5,000 USD. It was a very exiting event and a great grand final with great actions and amazing moves from both Mondragon and Nony.

This was surely the last TSL event hosted in StarCraft BroodWar since StarCraft II is coming and it is a final that StarCraft fans won't forget.

I had the pleasure to have a talk with Tyler 'Tyler' Wasieleski after his victory and here is a statement he made for about his feelings:

"I'm really relieved that I get to retire from BW on this note as I transition into SC2. Just an awesome way to end my career. I felt nervous and jittery during the first two games but knew that if I had been playing well I would have won. So I just relaxed for game 3 and ran my game."

Final Standings:
#1 US Tyler 'Tyler' Wasieleski
#2 DE Christoph 'Mondragon' Semke
#3 TW Chia Yang 'SEn' Cheng
#4 CA Jian Fei 'IefNaij' Wang

Source: TeamLiquid
Picture Credit: TeamLiquid



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