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By Jimmy 'allen' Allén
Feb 12, 2010 23:25


Heey, long time since last blog..!

Just wanna update you guys whats going on in the team right now.
We just replaced khrystal with Gux, who played for fnatic last year.

Nothing personal to khrystal he was a great player and a really good guy to hang out with outside counterstrike, but we feelt that we wanted/needed gux.
We havent performed well lately and it feelt like we needed something to bost our motivation and a new player would do so we thought. And Gux is a great player who always performes well, looking forward to playing with him!

Got globals finals pretty soon, so we re gonna pracc hardcore online and just before the event we will have a bootcamp at our cool office in cologne, gonna have loads of fun and also the opportunity to improve our game.
So before Global finals we will be good prepared and hoping to take that event home, would feel so good winning that, all good teams will be there and good money if we manage to win it!

Anyways thats all for this year from me! heheh.

cheer for us in germany and bye bye!



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