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Talk to Zax: New Stars War Official Release

By Yao 'SenLin' Yao
Jan 10, 2010 14:27

ImageAn old friend will come back in the middle of April,2010.New Stars War will open up in Shanghai.We reached Stars War founder Zax to get further information about this renown brand as well as the tournament.

While being one of the driving figures that have pushed Esports from nowhere to such an elaborating industry in China, Zax decided to restart his former project---Stars War tournament.He talked to SK-Gaming.CoM that his idea and info about this reborn tournament.

Q:When did you consider to restart the project of Stars War?
A:After China Joy Stars War ,but something happened which caused my whole project delay.At September of 2008, i am quite clear with how to make it.

Q:In your opinion, you want to make it more close to WCG or to BlizzCon
A:Stars War has its own style.WCG likes the Olympic Games and BlizzCon is only for Blizzard fans.But Stars War can be considered as 'E-Sports Concert'.We pay more attention to the feedback given by players and audience. We provide what they want to watch and respect what they choose.It is a big show and i hope players showing their skills here as go on holidays.We are sure to make it as a Lan Party.

Q:Every Stars War has its own topic So what is the topic for the coming Stars War,any reason about it?
A:Our topic is traditional Chinese Style.I hope to bring up all of you a Chinese Stars War in every part of it in order to make the world to get better understand with China.I am Chinese and i am willing to let you guys to know it.China is the center of WarCraftIII now for sure,We use Chinese traditional painting style to design the official stie. It is simple and uniqe.

Q:Any new details of Stars War, some new design issues or the match system?
A:The match system we will use is the same with classical ones as before.We test the former plan and want to add more creative activities.We make E-Sports different´╝ü

Q:Any information about the playerlist?Sky,InFi,TeD,Fly100%,Grubby,Moon,Lyn...Are they all confirmed?
A:Umm,audience vote for a player for each team. Other three can join Stars War in shanghai if they qualifier.

Q:Any more you want to say to the readers?
A:I have to thank our sponsors especially our close friend--GIGA Byte.We are partners since Stars War II.I appreciate for what they do. I do believe that within their help, E-Sports scene will have a bright future.

Q:All right, thank you Zax for taking this interview.
A:Thank you.

Korean qualifiers will open up at 18th of this month, European qualifiers and local qualifiers will coming soon. If you want to get more, please click more in SK-Gaming.CoM
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