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Next Blizzard Title an MMOFPS?

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Jan 10, 2010 01:40

ImageBlizzard Entertainment's distant, unannounced next-gen MMO has had information trickling in about the title's details; the latest being that it will be an FPS.

On December 12th, 2007, first information of an unnanounced Blizzard Entertainment MMO project emerged, labeling it as a "successor" to World of Warcraft. On October 18, 2008, (only five days following BlizzCon), Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime admitted it would be unique, therefore, not a game running along the same lines of World of Warcraft. Come February 19th, 2009, World of Warcraft lead designer Jeff Kaplan formally announced the title's development and claimed to be transferred to lead the MMO's development team.

Since Kaplan's involvement was announced in February of last year, a myriad of employment opportunities for the title were posted. On December 28th, 2009, the genre of the title was given a vague hint with the announcement of a job for a 3D Character Equipment Artist with more than two years of experience with science fiction and fantasy games.

Now, unconfirmed information has been leaked, supposedly coming from an inside source at Blizzard Entertainment. Assuming that this information is legitimate, then a more detailed image of what the title may turn out to be has been drawn. Apparently, the title is to be a science-fiction/fantasy first-person shooter that is based as a massively multiplayer online game.

As sourced by Netsabes from NoFrag:
"According to our information (obtained, as they say, a source familiar with the matter), the next MMO from Blizzard is in part an FPS. It will take place in a futuristic universe. It changes from clear to the MMORPG World of Warcraft.

In this new MMO, each player has two "lives" his first "life" is a kind of Sims Online, a giant hub with social interaction and the ability to connect to its second life. Which will consist of fighting for subjective.

We have no details yet. It should be noted nonetheless that the project has no relation with Persistent rumors of Call of Duty MMO."

Source: NoFrag, IGN, LinkedIn



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