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glow: "[f0rest] plays with a full heart"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jan 5, 2010 23:17

ImageIEM and ESWC runnerup in 2008 WeMade Fox's glow answers questions Western fans have been dying to know the answers to in this video interview.

In this video interview Korean clutch round sensation Min-Soo 'glow' Kim of WeMade FOX answers many questions Western fans have been pondering regarding Korean Counter-Strike's famous players and teams. glow discusses why the Korean superstars from Lunatic-Hai and project_kr/eSTRO such as solo, mal, enemy, glow, hee, ari etc. never got together and formed a dream team.

He talks about the ESWC 2008 final which saw e-STRO fall three rounds short of capturing the title and his thoughts on that final map being tuscan. Having played for both teams glow addresses the difference in his mind between Lunatic-Hai and eSTRO (now known as WeMade Fox)

The man who famously spammed SK players through a wall on nuke while they tried to defuse talks about that game and also explains his thoughts on being good at Counter-Strike in a country where equivalent skill in StarCraft would bring him fame and riches far exceeding his current status in life.

Why does glow like to watch f0rest's POV demos most of all? With the public perception of glow being a player who does crazy things how does he think of himself? Which StarCraft player plays the most like glow? Which Korean language film does glow suggest for Westerners to check out?

All of these topics and questions are addressed in this 42 minute video interview. glow essentially speaks no English so with the aid of translators, who admittedly were not very familiar with Counter-Strike, this is likely the only interview conducted with him in English Western fans will ever receive.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:



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