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Final Edits - The Ultimate Weapon

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Dec 30, 2009 01:02

Image'The Ultimate Weapon' looks at the career of Lee Young Ho a.k.a. Flash and his potential to win the OSL and MSL titles, a feat not accomplished since the days of the godlike NaDa.

TeamLiquid have published the latest in their series of Final Edits but this one may be the most incredible yet as it focuses on The Ultimate Weapon. That nickname is attached to Young Ho 'Flash' Lee and it seems more than fitting in light of what the young Korean has been able to do against the world's elite StarCraft professionals from the age of 15 onwards.

The article is in part a Flash biography, stretching from his earlier time as a practice room legend through to his OSL victory at the tender age of 15 and onwards to the present day, but it also sets the stage for the potential brace of victories Flash is staring down. After defeating the mighty Jaedong in the OSL quarter-final Flash is now in the final four of that competition in a strong position to win his second OSL, meanwhile he sits in the MSL quarter-finals.

The piece is peppered with quotes from significant StarCraft figures and relevant questions and answers from Flash interviews where he talks about his mentors, his ability to handle nerves and his ambitions.

It opens with this tantalising quote from 'The King of Silver' YellOw:

"When I watch Flash play the game, without pretense, I'm amazed. Simply amazing. I've never seen anyone who can manage the eco as well as he does. Every eco falls into perfect timing. PERFECT timing. Not only that, it seems like he's spending all his eco, yet he always have spare mineral to expand more... That really is breathtaking to watch. Is he really calculating all the timing? Or is this by his sense?"

The article itself immediately whets the reader's appetite:

"Not since NaDa has a player won both Starleagues simultaneously. Many have come close in the past and all have fallen short. In this age, one player stands at the cusp of a dual Starleague victory. That players name is Lee Young Ho. With a dominating performance, Flash has grabbed progaming by the throat and taken his position at the top with stunning confidence and skill.

If anyone can take two Starleagues home, it's Flash. While he may lack Stork's experience or Bisu's charm, Flash makes up for it in spades with his mechanical prowess and innovation. What Flash has is the mentality of a champion. Flash was born to win, to innovate, and to achieve. At the age of seventeen, Flash is following in the footsteps of NaDa, the most successful progamer of all time."

Source: TeamLiquid
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