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Lyn leaves SK, statements included

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Dec 24, 2009 15:42

ImageSK's Korean Orc Lyn, who won over $100,000 in 2008, will be moving on from the team. He and manager reis issued statements on the matter.

SK Gaming's famous Korean Orc player June 'Lyn' Park will be leaving the team. Lyn joined SK Gaming from World Elite along with ReMinD and manager reis over two years ago. Since then he has accrued an impressive prize winnings list, with over $100,000 in 2008. Along the way Lyn collected a whole host of titles.

He won IEM II LA 2007, IEM II Finals 2008, Blizzcon 2008, ESWC Masters Athens and Blizzcon 2009. Lyn also placed second and third in a number of big tournaments. Most recently he took a bronze medal home from the WCG Grand Finals in Chengdu. He also won the WarCraft III player of the year award from KeSPA for 2009.

Lyn provided this statement:

"During my time in SK a lot of good things happened and a lot of funny things as well. I feel a bit sorry but I think it's time for me to move on. I couldn't show a good performance at the last tournaments for which I am sorry for SK. I am really thankful to the reis, TheSlaSH, merusame, the Swedish CS team and the rest of the staff for giving me such a great time in SK. Also a big shout-out to all the fans and the community of SK Gaming who supported me the whole time. I wish all the best for SK Gaming."

SK's WC3 manager reis added his own thoughts:

"It is time to say goodbye to Lyn, he will leave us after more than 2 years. I have known Lyn for more than 4 years and it is really sad for me that he has decided to leave SK. He was the last remaining Player from the old World Elite team. Lyn was definitely the best player that I ever managed and it was an honour for me to be his manager. He showed amazing performances in 2008 and he did the best he could to represent SK.

Lyn and I traveled all over the world and we had a lot of fun at every tournament we went to. I still can remember the times when we were still in World Elite and how we moved together to SK. During my time with Lyn we never had an argument and I could always count on him if I needed any help, if it was gaming or something else. SK and I wish him the best of luck and tell him to take care. We'll keep in touch ;)"



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