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KuroKy Parts Ways With MYM

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Dec 3, 2009 05:27

ImageKuroKy, one of MYM.DotA's top players has shocked the professional gaming community by leaving the re-founded legacy and building his own legend.

MeetYourMakers has only been growing since its resurgence in August, but now the Danish organization has lost its first player: Kuro 'KuroKy' Salehi Takhasomi. Surprisingly, MYM as a business is just as surprised as anybody else as KuroKy decided not to disclose his plans until after the SMM event, which resulted in an intense victory for FTD. Rather, KuroKy recently created his new blog on earlier today in order to discuss his personal feelings about the matter.

KuroKy, a long-standing member of the DotA community, felt as though he was ill-prepared for the SMM tournament, as the Chinese players that defeated MYM proved to be extremely efficient tacticians and played better than his team. Other professional squads, to the likes of Fnatic , ftz and Excello were, in his opinion, more hearty and dedicated during the tournament and in his words, "simply better".

After MYM was knocked out of the tournament, KuroKy was given the esteemed opportunity to have a pleasant conversation with EHOME EHome manager, penny, who through his input and personal commentary of the Chinese games, brought about the perspective of how imperfect DotA v6.64 is. Although there was some disappointment in the lacking performances of the equal MYM and Fnatic teams, KuroKy enticed himself with the drastically underrated Chinese teams that swept away all European competition and left FTD standing after a furious tournament.

To end his analysis of the stunning SMM performances that even left DotA's creator in awe, KuroKy spoke briefly about his future:

"Btw, I decided to leave MYM. It was my decision, most of you probably won't believe it but I decided to leave MYM 2 weeks ago, but I didn't tell them since I didn't want to bring the team down. I have other plans, other goals in the game and I feel I need to go back to my roots, and make a new team. I think most of you won't understand it, but it's very needed for me to grow more as a player. Both parties agreed on this, no hard feelings, we love each other and they will NOT disband, so no worries haha. :)"

Like slots at the WPT Casino, it could go either way. It certainly will be interesting to see which direction KuroKy will move from here on out and how this transition will affect MYM.

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