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Dkt: Enough of this "pro am" bull shit.

By Henrik 'zappater' Johansson
Nov 25, 2009 00:11

ImageDestrukt who got 5th-6th at Quakecon after being beaten by Spartie twice, is going to Dreamhack this week. In an interview with Fragster he talks about Dreamhack and the state of quake, while being critical of ESL.

The American old school player Brian 'destrukt' Flander who has a past as a champion in Unreal Tournament, taking home a first place at WCGC in 2000 and recently placed 5th-6th at Quakecon after losing to Sebastian 'Spart1e1' Siira who would go on to place second, will be going to Dreamhack this week for a shot at €6000.

In an interview with Fragster Destrukt expresses a wish to see more leagues in North America, something he feels there is definitely a large enough community for, as he thinks practice only gets boring. He also talks about preparing to play against Europeans, who he thinks plays slower and more calculated than Americans.

"Who will be the toughest opponent in Jönköping?

dkt: Probably Cypher. He is a great player. He has very solid aim and positioning and his mental game is underrated. There are many European players who are very good. I think Cooller will be better at this tournament than he was in Dubai and I think fox/dahang will also be very good.

What do you think about the current status of Quake Live?

dkt: The events are absolutely amazing, but there needs to be more prize $$. The current amount of prize $$ is destined to fail. Enough of this "pro am" bull shit. Quake LIVE should be a main stream game. I also wish there would be more leagues in America because practice only gets really boring.

You are not new to the Quake scene. What did change since you've started playing Quake?

dkt: I've only competed in Quake 3/Live since 2006 and the thing that has changed the most is probably the speed/aggression. Quake Live is faster than CPMA, and thus it creates much more aggressive situations."

The full interview can be read over at Fragster.



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