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China heartbroken as Happy eliminates Sky

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Nov 14, 2009 05:02

ImageChinese two time WCG gold medalist Sky is out of the tournament after being beaten by the Russian Undead player Happy in the first round.

The match was played on the secondary stage with a huge crowd gathering to support their national hero. Despite some impressive moves by Happy including an invis Death Knight coiling and stealing the item from the level 5 ogre magi on Echo Isles, the crowd remained silent and kept their voices for when Sky pulled off units and a hero kill with his mountain King.

Echo isles was the first map with both players going for a quick expansion and Xiaofeng 'Sky' Li opting for his typical aggressive playstyle using his Mountain King to threaten the acolytes on Dmitriy 'Happy' Kostin's expansion. Happy managed to micro well not losing too many units and eventually pushed with gargs and destroyers, with Sky's arm of gyrocopters proving insufficient to hold off the Scourge onslaught. The second map was Turtle Rock with Sky trying to for the quick victory doing a Firelord push with two barracks and towers but it fell short and marked the end of his run in this competition. It is an early exit for Sky who has performed consistently at the World Cyber Games throughout the years, but two Chinese players remaining in the competition Weiliang 'Fly' Lu and Xuwen 'InFi' Wang.

Happy and Sky face the masses

Skymania on 2nd stage

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