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NEWS overwhelm Turmoil on tuscan

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Nov 13, 2009 06:10, perhaps the best Russian team, took out the Americans Turmoil in convincing fashion in their opening game in Group F on tuscan.

The Russian WCG qualifier winners ru got off to a rolling start as they smashed American qualifier runnersup Turmoil with a dominant first half. The Americans took a little back in the second but the game was over before they ever had a chance at winning. With an underpowered Mouz in the same group as both of these teams this was a key matchup which may well decide the group as the ties of fnatic, Firegamers and yesterday taught us. ru 18:12 Turmoil (tuscan - 13:2, 5:10)

First half

The Russians became as terrorists and were so smothering in their offense Turmoil were unable to string two rounds together in the entire half. From 3:1 up pushed the socre up to 8:1 on the back of F_1N's play and some nice AWPing by dober. In the 8th round impulsive decided to save his colt when he found himself in a 1v2 situation only to end up in another 1v2 the next round which he lost. The Americans got a second round when Fox lost a 1v2 where he had only 13 hp.

Once the Russians locked back in though it was all over for the Americans and took all the remaining rounds thanks to F_1N, Fox and dober. dober did not put up big numbers but his AWP kills seemed to all come at the right time to break open rounds or close them out.

Second half

A shaky start for the Russians had them 0:3 down before their first gun round. On that round HEL1 killed two Turmoil players early but then rushed nonstop through the sewer area, making sound, to try and flank behind the Turmoil players at kitty. Upon arriving he was immediately killed, Turmoil took over A and pushed the score to 4:0 to them. The Americans caught a little rush and were able to keep some pressure built up to get their half score up to 7:0. From there it was all Russia though as tp took three rounds in a row to win the game. For the Russians first round of the half a 3v3 got down to a 1v1 and saw Dosia win the rifle battle and defuse.

At map point Dosia and dober were in a 2v3 but managed to push together and kill all the Turmoil players, dober dying along the way, so the bomb could be defused. looked dominant in this match, difficult to stop or predict once they got rolling offensively. All the same there were some holes in their game, for example on the CT pistol round they were 2v1 against a planted bomb and F_1N decided to try a full defuse without a kit while his team-mate attacked the T, died and then the T killed F_1N before he could finish. That situation seemed like an obvious situation for the two Russians to quickly work together and kill the T and then one defuse.

Follow the rest of the WCG via our tournament page.
(Photograph copyright of readmore)



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