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Shub is a fake

By Henrik 'zappater' Johansson
Nov 10, 2009 06:22

ImageIt was recently reported that the famous Quake 2 player Shub_Nigga had returned to esports in the Russian team pstarZ. Now it has been found out that known cheater Yuka was faking as Shub_Nigga.

It didn't take long after the return of Shub_Nigga had been reported until the claims of it being a faker surfaced. On the Swedish site Rakaka a lot of the comments claimed the player calling himself Shub was unable to understand Swedish, a language very close to the real Shub's Norwegian native tongue.

After requests from the community, SyncError the community manager of Id Software decided to IP trace the player and was able to find out that a player called Yuka was faking as Shub. Yuka is a former player of the TDM clan k1ck and a known cheater, his account has been banned.

When Esreality asked SyncError how he was able to confirm the situation they received the following response:

"Several players (around a dozen) had reported shub_nigga in the past few days. Claims that he neither knew his native tongue and that his play style was different. They believed him to be another player who was already actively playing on another team.

I looked into the claims and after following a few trails from the account information found that yuka had obtained a new ip address and registered the account 'shub_nigga' on Nov 2nd. I then spoke with yuka on irc and he confirmed that he was playing under the alias. The account is currently banned."

This scandal all happened as Yuka was somehow able to trick everyone in the team pstarZ, who's line-up includes the famous Russian Anton 'Cooller' Singov. It is still not sure what will happen to pstarZ in EMS, but it is clear this violates several rules and according to the rules at least one major penalty point should be given out, which also means pstarZ game against LLL should be forfeited.

Source: Rakaka



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