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WCG is coming.. are we excited?!

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Nov 7, 2009 15:14

I will be at WCG 2009 which draws very near, are we all as excited as usual?!

I certainly am! Last year was great fun in Cologne. Carmac and I had a rockclimbing race, managed to unearth a huge cock-up by the WC3 admins when they put the wrong player through to the playoffs (Nightwolf was put through instead of the Mexican Raspot) courtesy of a tip from Jos "Zerter" Bueyvoets [credit where its due].

I witnessed a wicked semi-final match between Moon and TeD as well as a gripping final of Grubby vs Moon. This time I'm looking forward to see if Fly can go all the way in the WCG, 3rd at estars, 1st at IEM Chengdu, 1st at WCG China. Also Koreans getting closer to that gold medal, Moon + Lyn + Who all could have a shot!

As for Counter-Strike no SK Gaming :( but at least we have Tyloo for entertainment who could definately push for a spot in the finals given their shape. WCG is always a bit of a hit n miss with a single elimination playoffs,but with Tyloo and WeMadeFox on site, they could certainly kill off a top team if they are on form.

I will be at the event for SK Gaming, spending a few days prior to the event travelling Chengdu with my wife and checking out a few pandas before WCG2009 begins. Our son will be well taken care of by his Chinese grandparents in our absence. I work as a full-time English teacher here in China, so I had to move all my lessons next week to the following week, which means 40 hours of teaching when I get back but its worth it!

However, with so many events in the year is WCG really as prestigious this year as it was the last? If you think about it from a competitive point of view it has less top teams, less matches per team/player and is more luck based especially with the playoff tree. Although it is the tournament that attracts the most media attention, so swings and roundabouts.

What about you, is WCG still the biggest tournament of the year for you? What are you looking forward to?

[photo from WCG2008!]



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