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Inflame: "I’m the best warlock in the world"

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Nov 4, 2009 13:27

ImageJust like the name of his teammate, Inflame is an enigma. But in his first ever interview, the warlock hero leaves nothing to the imagination.

It’s a dreadful cliché, but Patrick 'Inflame' Costales is a man who needs no introduction to the WoW community. A winner of the first ever Blizzcon WoW tournament, amongst various other honours, Inflame is a true legend of the game. He has been touted by many as the best Warlock in the world and has even received the nickname “Divine Inflame” from one writer.

In his first ever interview he talks candidly about what WoW means to him, why he is considering retirement and why he believes that SK Gaming EUROPE will destroy all-comers at MLG next weekend.

Can you tell the readers why you came to SK, and how exactly it happened?

Well me and Another had been planning to make a team for quite a while since he has been playing DK and DK/’lock synergy is really good right now so it was the perfect time to join SK and put together a team. We've also played together for quite a while and we play really well together

The wow community heard a lot of rumours about Another and yourself, but what exactly is it like playing with this new team?
"DK/’lock synergy is really good right now so it was the perfect time to join SK and put together a team."

It’s going really good as you can see from our 3v3 stats (88% win/loss) and I also like it a lot because it’s the best setup an affliction warlock can play in. We can beat anything with it (haven’t met any hard counters obviously).

During TBC, warlocks could pretty much only play SL/SL to be competitive but that has now changed. Are you happy with that change, or do you prefer affliction anyway?

Well, SL/SL back then was way more powerful than what affliction is now but also more boring. I only play affliction right now because it's more fun and takes more skill than destruction but also because I believe it’s still the better spec in general if played properly.

Lets talk a bit more about you for a minute. What has kept you going in a game which has a tendency to lose professional players between almost every tournament?

Well I’m going to be honest; this game is terrible for competitive play. I've been playing this game since release as well but its not worth quitting yet when I’m the best warlock in the world while I can still make money from it.

Have you considered following ex-SK member Orly into SC2?

No comment but i will most likely quit after ESL global finals
"It's not worth quitting yet when I’m the best warlock in the world"

Any specific reason for that?

Yeah, WoW being shit

Despite all that, you've had a lot of success in the game. Does any particular moment stand out for you?

Winning Blizzcon 08 since it is the biggest tournament, even though WLD was a cheesy setup but that’s what WoW is about

With all your history, it's surprising that you've never attended an MLG. Does it give you any extra nerves, or is it just another tournament?

Just another tournament, but I guess it’s going to be more fun then other tournaments since its round robin and you get to play more games.

You famously said that American teams aren't good competition so does that mean you only fear BB at the upcoming event?

There is no one to fear, we're just going to play our best and hope its enough

No “cheesy” comps that worry you?

Not really and I would say deathknight/warlock/druid [SK's comp] is cheesy in season 5 gear

Last question: where will SK finish at MLG?


You can watch Inflame and the whole team at MLG, which begins on Friday, November 6. The whole tournament will be broadcast live and you can find SK’s coverage by clicking here.



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