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Chinese company bans ladyboys

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Oct 26, 2009 19:06

ImageA Chinese MMO provider has banned male players from creating female characters in their games.

Game is reporting that MMO company, Aurora Technology has implemented measures that could stop male players roleplaying as females in several titles. As a subsidiary of Shanda, the company hosts games such as AION and DnD Online.

But the banning order, which went live last month, will affect Chinese MMO, King of The World. Players wishing to create female avatars will be required to provide webcam footage of themselves, raising a plethora of hillarious issues. Interestingly, the ruling does not apply to women wishing to play as male characters.

And for those who like to laugh at narrow-minded technophobes, point your mouse at Gender Bending in MMOs for the original story. To quote from this source "a man would want to play a female character is often evidence enough for many in the online community to label someone a homosexual."

Source: Game Politics



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